© Charles Ramsburg



Perhaps my interest in the complexities of dimension stems from being born blind in one eye.  Spatial contradictions have always puzzled me.  Living in the big sky country of the Southwest for many years presented one set of problems.  Walking through the woods near a cabin we built in the Adirondacks has presented a totally different visual experience.  This series of drawings is about these walks and the profound stillness I find there.  It is accessible and reassuring, yet spatially confusing.  My drawings try to catch that mysterious monocular solace.


- Charles Ramsburg

The orchard has been gone

for a decade, and still the sentences

push through the laden branches,


into each frozen complex

of white on white.


It fascinates me,

the way language smudges and erases

and redraws what it wants for itself.


Even now the apples

are ripening somewhere,


inside the cold petals maybe,

in the dark, still-infant part


where a faint pink fever

was once suppressed.


- Chase Twichell




from "Snow in Condoland," The Ghost of Eden, Ontario Press, 1995